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“It doesn’t get better.”

Now, for all of you who are part of the “It Gets Better” project, this video doesn’t rip on it. It adds to it. 

i really fucking love this guy jesus christ. i don’t know if i want to be him or if i want him to be my crazy uncle.
and i love his face. i want to pet it. 

I wasn’t going to watch this but then I did and you should really, really actually watch this. No matter what you are or what you do or how you feel about literally anything, watch it, because it’s gonna make you happy and happy is a good thing.

Now this. This genius. This I stand behind. This is real, and not these little close-minded hug-it-out groups here on Tumblr. Bless this man and his vision.

I love this man. Guy. Seriously. Watch this. NOW

(Source: theywillliveagaininfreedom)

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